International Collaborations

The Swedish National Forensic Centre (NFC) is one of Europe’s leading forensic laboratories with cutting-edge expertise.

European Network of Forensic Science Institutes

NFC is an active member of European Network of Forensic Science Institutes – ENFSI. The purpose of ENFSI is to share knowledge, exchange experiences and come to mutual agreements in the field of forensic science. ENFSI is recognized as an expert group in the field of forensic sciences. One of ENFSI's important tasks is to encourage all ENFSI laboratories to comply with best practice and international standards for quality and competence assurance.

NFC participates in the ENFSI EFSA2020 Task Force, in support of the implementation of the EU Council Conclusions on the Development and Harmonization of Forensic Activities in Europe, the European Forensic Science Arena 2020 (EFSA2020).

Scientific Advisory Council

In 2017 NFC founded a scientific advisory council. The board consists of external experts from disciplines relevant to forensic science. The council members are international experts in their respective field. The mission of the council is to provide scientific advice to the managers and scientific staff.

European Academy of Forensic Science Conference (EAFS)

NFC is organizer of the next EAFS Conference, which will take place in Stockholm on August 30 to Sepember 3, 2021.

EU Horizon 2020 funded VISAGE Project

NFC participates in the EU Horizon 2020 funded VISAGE Project. The project will bring together forensic genetic researchers and practitioners, statistical geneticists and social scientists in a new initiative, the VISible Attributes Through GEnomics (VISAGE). The Consortium consists of 13 partners from academic, police, and legal institutions from eight European countries. The research mission: Overcoming the limitation of current forensic DNA analysis by broadening DNA evidence for investigative intelligence.

Research and Development in Digital Forensics

The creation of a national node at NFC for R&D in digital forensics is underway in collaboration with the Police Cybercrime Centre, universities, government bodies and spanning industry partners. Applications for funding joint research projects have been submitted to Horizon 2020, amongst others.

The Horizon 2020 project 'ASGARD' is ongoing and project PERSONA, concerning contactless biometry, has been approved. NFC also participates in national initiatives, e.g. the creation of a regional, largescale and long-term national and international collaborative environment for data analysis and visualization (Visual Sweden).