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Dna and Biology

Over time, dna has become a vital instrument in crime investigation. Susceptible methods of analysis require only a fractional amount of biological traces to render an adequate dna profile.

Biology Section

  • Completed cases: 15,500 dna cases, of which approximately 8,200  consisted of serious crime cases (2018)
  • Reference samples dna: 30,000 (2018)
  • Employees: 109 (december 2018)

The mission of the Biology Section is to perform human biological trace search, identification, recovery and subsequent DNA analyses, interpretation of results and reporting. Our work also includes managing the Swedish DNA database. The case-load continues to increase and we recruit more staff and implement process improvements to meet the demand. We are also proud of an active R&D culture that enables us to further develop our operation.

The Swedish DNA Database

The Swedish DNA database expands and now contains DNA profiles from 150,000 convicted offenders and suspects, and over 30,000 profiles from crime scene samples in unsolved crimes.

During 2018, 4,000 matches were reported from the national DNA database. The process of handling reference saliva samples and database matches is highly automated. From the day a reference sample arrives at NFC it takes about four days until the DNA-profile is included in the DNA database and any match is reported. Sweden is currently operational with 20 countries under the so called Prüm decision. During 2018, 4,100 Prüm DNA matches were reported.

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